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Official Yoink’d Beta Launch!

Tuesday, October 9th, 2007

A demo of Yoink’d Mediabox to the sweet, dulcet tunes of Aly and AJ in “The Potential Breakup” song. Enjoy!

Yoink’d Mediabox is a fully AJAX / DHTML web media player (like Windows Media Player, iTunes, Winamp, etc..) for finding, organizing, and sharing available online video content (from youtube, google video, etc.). Key features include:

Our core value lies in user experience and our media sharing capabilities. We truly want to change the way we view media on the web.

How to use Yoink’d (web media player) on your website

Friday, October 5th, 2007

Can I put Yoink’d on -any- website?

Yes, Yoink’d is completely embeddable and functional in any player size and skin on any webpage or web-enabled device. Check out our products page for current available options.

How do I put Yoink’d on my site?

Visit the below links for instructions and the embed code to use on your website:

Yoink’d can convert any RSS feed into a playlist!

Thursday, October 4th, 2007

What is a RSS Feed?

According to this Wikipedia definition:

“RSS is a family of Web feed formats used to publish frequently updated content such as blog entries, news headlines or podcasts. An RSS document, which is called a “feed,” “web feed,” or “channel,” contains either a summary of content from an associated web site or the full text. RSS makes it possible for people to keep up with their favorite web sites in an automated manner that’s easier than checking them manually.”

How do I use this feature?

Go to Yoink’d Homepage. Navigate as follows “Playlists > New RSS Playlist.” Then insert the URL (web link) of any RSS feed. Click the button and Yoink’d Mediabox automatically turns it into a playlist.

Just follow the directions above and right click, copy, and paste these sample RSS feeds:

What about blog or informational (non-media) RSS feeds?

We convert each post or entry you make into a “video” item in your playlist. Next, we find the most relevant video to your post and auto-link it for you. If our Yoink’d search engine cannot a relevant video, we remove that item from your playlist for you.

Yoink’d @ NY Tech Meetup

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2007

We’ve been chosen to present at tomorrow’s October 2007 NY Tech Meetup located at the Great Hall in Cooper Union (7 East 7th Street) starting at 7pm. We are really excited about this event (500 RSVPs - full event)!

Unfortunately, Charles and Richard won’t be able to join me, but I hope to meet new faces and get feedback!