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get yoink’d mediabox.

Tuesday, June 19th, 2007

What is “yoink’d mediabox?”

yoink’d mediabox is a simple web media player (like a Windows Media Player, Winamp, iTunes, etc..) that lets you:

  • Take: stream media from video aggregators (YouTube, Google Video)
  • Make: create custom playlists with your favorite videos
  • Share: send playlists to friends

Fundamentally, our core value lies in our user experience and media sharing capabilities. We are not here to replace YouTube, Google Video, etc. but instead we are champions of these video content sources. We want you to continue to use those services and yoinkd content from those destinations. We are simply here to enhance your experience through a different, simpler, more mobile user interface.

yoink’d mediabox can also be thought of as “ for video.” Our goals are not limited to social bookmarking. With yoink’d mediabox, you can:

  1. More easily organize and share media content online through an intuitive, simple interface
  2. Obtain faster, more accurate video search results through context-sensitive filtering
  3. View dynamic, “real-time” videos your friends are currently yoinking

yoink’d mediabox. your simple mediabox. all you ever need.


yoink’d is … Simple. Easy. Intuitive. Fast. Pretty. It works.

How is “yoink’d mediabox” different?

  • Instant results = Instant gratification. No more sifting through pages of poor search results. Immediately plays “best” matched media for your search.
  • Simplicity. Clean interface. Minimal number of buttons. Maximum amount of functionality packed into a small, portable space.
  • No download, upload, or storage.

What does “yoink” mean?

to take. appropriate. acquire. grab. seize. procure.

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